David Anscomb
Owner / Instructor
Personal Protection Specialist

Began training in Tae Kwon Do in 1985 under the direction of
Mr. Darwin Packer, 4th Dan Blackbelt, Michigan State Director
United States Tae Kwon Do Federation.

1989, earned 1st Dan Blackbelt (A-1-4644)
United States and International Tae Kwon Do Federations.

1994, earned 2nd Dan Blackbelt (A-1-1358) testing under the new
U.S.T.F./I.T.F. Michigan State Director, 5th Dan, Mr. David Dryesdale.

2002, promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt (D3-02-001)
Modern American Tactical Tae Kwon Do

2008, promoted to 4th Dan Blackbelt (D4-08-001)
Modern American Tactical Tae Kwon Do

2016, 5th Degree Blackbelt (D5-04-001)
Modern American Combatives

A member of both the U.S.T.F./ I.T.F. for over 15 years and an instructor for
Cadillac Area Tae Kwon Do for over 12 years.

Operations Officer - Michigan Mountaineers Division
United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps
Camp Grayling, MI.
Rank: Lieutenant JG
Close Quarters Defensive Tactics Instructor

Northern Michigan Representative / Martial Arts Athlete
STAND Strength Team Ministries

2016 Modified Tactical Tae Kwon Do into
Modern American Combatives

1997 recipient of the Presidential Sports Award for Tae Kwon Do training presented by
the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Administered by the Amateur
Athletic Union (AAU)

1997,  attended Chuck Norris’ Kick Drugs Out of America Martial Arts Expo in
Chicago, IL. and attended seminars by World Kick-Boxing Champions Mr. Bill
“Superfoot” Wallace, Mr. Joe Lewis, Miss Kathy Long, Tae Kwon Do Grand Master
Jhoon Rhee, and Olympic Gold Medalists Christine Rodrigues and Arlene Limas and
forms champion Cynthia Rothrock.

1998 began studying other styles and incorporating those theories and concepts into
traditional Tae Kwon Do starting the development of
Modern American Tactical Tae Kwon Do.

1999,  attended a U.S.T.F. forms seminar conducted by U.S.T.F. Regional
Director Mr. Earl Weiss 6th Dan.

Helped establish the Northern Knights Martial Arts organization and in October 2000,
and was voted in as its president.

2001, attended a self-defense seminar sponsored by Mr. Gary Purcell, 3rd Dan.

Participated in Mijkai Bo (short staff) and Kubotan (key chain) seminars conducted by
Grand Master Greg Boliard of the Mu Sa Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation.

Former: Instructor and independent agent for the
American Independent Karate Instructors Association (Cert. # A0205131329)

Former: Certified Agent  
National Security Alliance – Kid Safe Network Division
.I.D. # 1013 (International Rank of Agent Grade 1)

Attended seminars in Kali (short sticks), Pencak Silat (self-defense), Buno (Filipino
wrestling) and knife fighting presented by Maha Guro Brian "Buzz" Smith of the
American Maharlika Kuntaw Association.

Completed the National Rifle Association’s In-home Personal Protection Course.

Former Member: Michigan Sheriff's Association Educational Services

Former Member: National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA)