"Being Street Smart"

Self-defense / Awareness Seminars & Programs

The REALM offers 3 levels of seminars or training programs

Level 1
a 4 hour "Basic" Self-defense / Awareness Seminar
focusing on
Awareness Education Information
Avoidance / Prevention
"Basic" Physical Defensive Tactics
Improvised Defensive Tools
Escape and Report Information (Legality)

Level 2
a 12 hour "Intermediate" program
designed as a follow-up to the Level 1 Seminar
focusing on
Physical Defensive Tactics
Weapons Awareness / Defenses
Reality - Scenario Training

Level 3
a 20 hour "Advanced" Training Program
offered through Certified REALM Schools
focusing on
In-Depth Defensive Tactics
Multiple Assailants
Reality - Scenario Training



Seminars and "Limited time" programs are NOT a substitute for training under
a QUALIFIED martial arts / personal protection instructor.

The REALM offers extensive training in Concept Combatives for those who wish to
continue training.

Under NO Circumstances is The REALM making a "guarantee" the
information / instruction given will stop all threats. The concepts provided during these
seminars are proven to be applicable in most situations.

Our goal is to provide each participant with working knowledge of awareness and the
understanding of his or her options in a self-defense situation.