The Realm Martial Arts is an independent
group whose goal is to provide high quality martial arts and fitness programs at
an affordable cost.

After more than 15 years of training under the direction of the United States and
International Tae Kwon Do Federations, and 17 years under the banner of Northern Knights
Martial Arts a new system of training was set in motion

Through continued integration of proven techniques,
The Realm Martial Arts has developed an easy to learn concept based training system
called Conceptu Bellicus or Concept Combatives

Concept Combatives focuses on a direct "to the point" idea, to utilize your entire body as a tool to
counter single and multiple threats.

We operate with traditional martial art ethics and promote only when the student is ready.

The Realm Martial Arts does not focus on "tournament style" training. Students wishing to
participate in tournaments will have our full support

We stress positive motivation for our students to learn as an individual. We do not promote
"brawling" during sparring training, but an atmosphere to learn and train safely.

Our instructors pledge to:
Show by Example
Promote Self-growth
Be Fair and Equal
and to apply this to ALL students under their authority

Knightly Virtues
Strength, Courtesy, Humility, Honor, Prudence, Temperance, Faith, Justice, Charity, Hope
Conceptu Bellicus
Concept Combatives